Glastonbury tickets sold out in under 90 minutes. It would have been faster, but there were the inevitable IT issues. This generated around £30 million of income in just 90 minutes. Not bad for a farmer, eh?

But a farmer is used to taking care of his land and livestock and making the most of them and getting the most out of them. Michael Eavis is doing exactly the same with his annual festival as he’s done with his dairy farm.

In sales there is often the differentiation between the Hunter and the Farmer type of selling (there is also the Poacher and the Trader, but that’s for another time). The Farmer salesperson looks after his existing customers and nurtures and develops them.  The Farmer cultivates his relationship with the land and things that feed him. The Farmer protects his livestock and their future – as the Farmers’ future is intimately linked with them.

Most businesses folk (and sales folk) feel more comfortable in the Farmer role than the Hunter role due to the existing relationship that exists. Yet, at times the Farmer can get a little lazy and rely on the relationship to feed them, without putting the nurturing effort in and responding to the changing needs of the client. Research shows that around 2/3 of customers leave a supplier because they do not feel that they are properly engaged or cared for and that the supplier is indifferent about them.

Michael Eavis has done a wonderful job over the years of developing his festival so it meets the changing needs of the customer. I recall the outcry when dance music first came to Worthy Farm. Now, it’s an integral and lively part of the event.  Likewise when “posh camping” and R&B music acts headlined the Pyramid stage. The loyalty that his customers show to the festival is impressive and is a result of this nurturing and responding to the changing customer needs.

The folks who bought those tickets don’t know who will be playing yet! How many other businesses could take £30million in advance and without announcing exactly what you are going to get?

That’s impressive farming.